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LiveChat for Desktop

Support Windows, Mac and other operation system as long as flash supported!

livechat download

Windows Version V1.0 Mac Version V1.0

Internal Messaging

Communicate, discuss and cooperate with your teammate seamlessly!

When you need to get in touch with your colleague, you don't have to send email, or open another application!


When you chat with your visitor, who has been waiting for a ticket for a long time and is urging a ticket reply, then you can double click in your colleague list to communicate with a technician, and ask him to check the ticket asap!

Canned Message and URL

Premade responses and send them over to your visitors with double-click. Using canned responses, you will be able to quickly send template to your visitors or easily respond a popular question.

Monitor Chat

Monitor your colleague's chat in real time easily!

Easily switch to another colleague's chat by just one click!

Join or Coach Chat

When you need to help your colleague to improve customer service, you can join or coach his/her chat.

When you join a chat, your customer can see who is joining the chat, your colleague and you can chat with your customer at the same time!

When you coach a chat, your customer canNOT see you are joining the chat, what message you send over can only be seen by your colleague! This function is very useful for supervisor and newbie. Supervisor coaches a chat and sends a hint, the newbie organises a useful reply to the customer.

Real-time Ranking

Make your staff proactive!

Real-time ranking function can make your operators proactive and motivated to pick up as more chat request as they can!

Iphone - Android Compatitble

Web interface for your customer!

Compatible with iphone and android!

Powered by Java!

Enterprise platform to run serious and long-term business

We do not develop a chat app for mobile phone, which means customer is talking with a person sitting in office instead of a traveling man.

Integration Service

Easily integrate Teamgosh with third party integrations.

Just contact us support#teamgosh.com, we will integrate for your website.

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